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Brand building

A strong brand foundation is the basis for growing your business and fulfilling your growth potential.

We help you develop your brand foundation and create and implement a brand strategy that can inform all your future growth. 


Brand strategy

We help companies define their strategic brand foundation through our Challenger Brand process.

Through working together with key members of the company, we ensure the brand created is supported and agreed on, and leads the company in an appropriate direction. 

Challenger brand process



Brand strategy


Research and interviews

Workshop ideation

Brand strategy is defined

Final delivery of strategy

Brand development and execution 

Developing a visual identity is what makes your company and brand distinct and stand out from
the crowd. 

Once the brand foundation and visual brand identity are in place, the next step is implementation and ongoing marketing activities.


We help you structure and prioritise your brand and marketing efforts based on your business priorities.


Creating your visual identity

Brand logo

Brand icons

Brand colors

Brand typography

Image style

Design mockups


Employer branding

Creating a strong employer brand is an important step for attracting the top talent to your company. We have experience in defining your company’s employer brand, developing employer value propositions and rolling out employer branding material, to effectively promote your company’s values and culture

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