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A brand-first, growth
and marketing agency
for start-ups and scale-ups


We’re a team of passionate professionals with a soft spot for start-ups and scale-ups, and a talent for branding, marketing and growth. We’ve come together to form an agency that truly understands the needs of start-ups and scale-ups and knows how to leverage strategic branding, digital marketing and communications to grow our clients’ businesses.


Our team compiles experience from renowned marketing agencies, fast growing tech companies, and large corporates – and not least from the start-up environment. Combined with a top-notch freelance network we dare to say that we cover the full range of disciplines expected from a 2023 brand, marketing and growth agency - and beyond.

Why do we know the start-up and scale-up business so intimately? Well, because we are born out of the start-up environment. Our founders are entrepreneurs themselves, and now invest in start-ups and scale-ups, and several of us have previously worked in


We share offices with a number of the companies we support, so we have them next to us physically and close to our hearts. We see their struggles and successes and are constantly reminded of our purpose - to help them become even more successful.


Yngvi Reynberg Karlson

Co-Founder & Advisor

Ruth Davis

Creative Content Producer

Miguel Gallo

Digital & Growth Director

Sabina Reynberg Karlson

Co-Founder, CEO, Brand Strategist

Mia Gru

Art Director

Christian Duelund

Digital & Growth Manager
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