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Pitch deck

Pitch decks are a powerful tool in communicating your product, company story, attain funding and many other things.


We work closely with you to craft a pitch deck that ensures the narrative, copy, and design support each other and set you on the path to pitching success. 


Creating the deck 

No one knows your story or product better than you. That’s why we make sure you’re closely involved in the process so we can ensure we’re communicating exactly what you want us to.


We start with understanding the purpose and need of your pitch through dialogue, to creating a compelling narrative storyline to shape the pitch, then narrowing down the exact copy and design to support it.


From this first version, we provide iterations and edits based on your feedback in order to create a stronger outcome. 

In our client's words

"I’m a CEO, not an expert in narrative, design, or copywriting, and I wanted to make sure that I didn’t have to be concerned about the pitch deck in the fundraising journey. 


The deck resulted in a conversion rate of over 60% (from an email to an intro call) - it doesn’t get much better than that!


We’ve had feedback from investors that it’s a world class pitch deck. I’ve also reused slides from it when presenting, because the wording is on point and explains our case perfectly.”


Timm Jeppesen
CEO, Risika

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