A brand-first, growth
and marketing agency
for start-ups and scale-ups


About us

We strongly believe that a solid brand strategy and identity are imperative to building a successful business and growing valuation.

We’re a team of passionate professionals with a soft spot for start-ups and scale-ups, and a talent for branding, marketing and growth. We’ve come together to form an agency that truly understands the needs of start-ups and scale-ups and knows how to leverage strategic branding, digital marketing and communications to grow our clients’ businesses.


Our team compiles experience from renowned marketing agencies, fast growing tech companies, and large corporates – and not least from the start-up environment. Combined with a top-notch freelance network we dare to say that we cover the full range of disciplines expected from a 2022 brand, marketing and growth agency - and beyond.

Why do we know the start-up and scale-up business so intimately? Well, because we are born out of the start-up environment. Our founders are entrepreneurs themselves, and now invest in start-ups and scale-ups, and several of us have previously worked in


We share offices with a number of the companies we support, so we have them next to us physically and close to our hearts. We see their struggles and successes and are constantly reminded of our purpose - to help them become even more successful.


Yngvi Reynberg Karlson

Co-Founder & Advisor

Yngvi started his first company at the age of 14 and never stopped doing his magic. He is a founder of multiple companies, and a board member, co-founder and general partner of Morph Capital - he loves what he does and is always on-the-go.


Yngvi is always one step ahead of the game and passionate about helping companies scaleup. He has more than 15 years of experience in the scaleup industry, and is always happy to share his experiences - the downs as well as the ups!


Sabina Reynberg Karlson

Co-founder, CEO, Brand Strategist

Sabina has been in the creative business for ten years. But don’t you worry - her many years in the industry haven’t made her lazy or routine-driven - on the contrary; you can always go to Sabina if you want to talk about trends, strategy or if you feel stuck. Her mind is basically a treasure trove of strategy, creativity, collaboration and pure gold.


Sabina has the ability to make you always feel inspired and ready to take the next step.


Miguel Gallo

Digital & Growth Director

Miguel is that wonderkid every company needs. As our Digital & Growth Director, Miguel is a pure genius at taking your company to the next digital level.


He is skilled in communication and explaining why the digital side is important, how it’s done and how to make sure you and your company are on the right track.


Miguel has experience from companies like Momondo and Kayak, and has also worked as a freelance marketing manager and senior director.


He’s happy to share his experience and expertise to help scale-ups along the journey and meet their unique individual needs.


Ruth Davis

Creative Content Producer

Ruth is very small. Smart. We mean very smart! With a Bachelor in English Language & Literature from Newcastle University, a Master’s degree in Cognition & Communication from the University of Copenhagen and 5+ years as a content specialist you are not only in good hands, you are basically in God’s hands.


Her expertise includes creating a tone of voice across all platforms and strategic way of using words to persuade and convince everyone from companies, to investors, to customers. Ruth is actually the smartest (and funniest) of them all. Say hi to your new best friend.


Mia Gru

Art Director

Mia has experience from some of the best agencies in Denmark as an Art Director. She is skilled at  providing creative solutions and can execute like there is no tomorrow.


Mia is an ambitious, creative Art Director who finds delight in creating creative pitches and ideas, and also executing the ideas in the most beautiful and creative way possible.


Her expertise centres around creating attainable solutions from ideas, in a manner that is strategic and talented. She’s a delight to work with - apart from on Tuesdays. Don’t even get her started on how she feels about Tuesdays.


Christian Kaarvig Duelund

Senior Digital & Growth Manager

How lucky are we (and you) to be working with the one and only Christian Kaarvig Duelund?! Known between friends as Due, he's ready to help kick your company to the next level.  


A true karate kid in the world of all digital wonders, Due previously spent five years at Carlsberg Group (you know, the ones with the best beer... Probably), which we think makes him the best Digital & Growth Manager... Probably. 

Due can help companies with everything from marketing automation, email marketing, SEO, business development, digital ads, and even more - the list is long, but the bio isn't wrong - we promise you: Due's work? Always strong!